How to Transition From Operator to CEO?

How to Transition From Operator to CEO

Hi! I’m Kimone, Certified Director of Operations.

Two things you should know about me I’m a planner and a problem solver.

Employers would hire me to streamline operations and I’d quickly move into handling it all on my own because I was so focused on making the business run more efficiently. I realize that entrepreneurs start a business to do what they love but quickly get bogged down with the processes in the background. As a result, the passion and excitement they have fizzles and they think running a business is not for them.

One important lesson I have learned is…. Delegation is the key!

As a visionary, you crave to make you big dreams happen and look towards the next big thing.

However, you are finding it difficult to step into your CEO visionary role because you are bogged down in executing daily tasks. In other words, you are doing #ALLTHETHINGS. This is making it difficult for you to lean into your success.

There is always someone who loves the things you hate. It’s okay if you don’t want to tackle certain things because there are people like myself that enjoy the things you hate. As a business owner you work hard and deserve to enjoy freedom.

Here are 3 tips to transition from Operator to CEO in your Business.

1. Review the Vision for the Business

This is the most important change that you can make today. Often, this is overlooked while working on solutions for our businesses. When you started your business, you crafted your vision for success. But, when was the last time you reviewed it?

As a business grows and scales, priorities will change. Today, you may develop ideas for a new product or pivot your mission. The first step is always reviewing your vision statement.

Ask yourself:

1. Does my current vision statement align with my business goals?

2. Does it state the impact that I want to make?

3. Is it a window into where I see myself in the next 3-5 years?

2. Step Out of the Day to Day Tasks

In order to be a true visionary and CEO, you must remove yourself from the daily operations of your business. This is why a Director of Operations (DOO) is crucial to allowing you to scale your business. A DOO is a strategic partner that will allow you to focus on your passions such as speaking, connecting with clients, creating content and so much more. Make the move to hire an expert to support your mission.

3. Review Your Systems & Processes

One of the most important business decisions you can make it to document all your processes and procedures. Why? This allows your team to move forward with autonomy, saving time and energy.

A Director of Operations can help you strategically audit your current systems, workflows and processes for optimal business efficiency. How will this benefit you?

A strategic plan will allow you to make educated and calculated decisions to keep your business thriving.

Here are some suggested areas to audit:

1. Financial Stability and Growth

2. Visibility

3. Marketing

4. Client and Customer Experience

I decided to start my business to help service-based business owners stay inspired in their business by having the time to focus on what they love. I take the time to learn the processes that are already in place and streamline them so most, if not all, of the workflows can run on autopilot.

If you are struggling with organization or spending too much time in your business and not on your business, I’m just the person you need. Let’s eliminate wasteful practices and improve your efficiency.

Are you ready to move your business forward with a strategic plan?

Here’s your solution…partner with me. I will conduct a review over your business statements and goals to form an action plan, helping you reach your goals.

How do I know if Stra​tegic Planning is right for me?

This is for the business owner who:

– Is overwhelmed and trying to manage #allthethings

– Lacks a solid plan to achieve business goals

– Projects are never completed on time

– Tasks are falling through the cracks

How will this Benefit my Business?

You will feel more aligned to your vision and business goals. Your business will be organized so you can be a true leader and map out your quarterly goals. Let’s work together so we can transform your business.

It’s time to set your intention and take action!


Let’s get started! Book your Strategic Mapping session today.



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