Seven Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Kimone Napier Consulting

Why do some entrepreneurs still think that hiring is an easy thing to do?

Well, I guess It’s because you can copy-paste JOB Descriptions. You just posted because you need it. 

That’s super WRONG!!!

When it comes to HIRING It’s all about who you hire when it comes to creating a successful business. A business is similar to a puzzle. Every operation, function, and deliverable has an individual behind it, and the person in charge of each of those responsibilities will determine its success. 

In a nutshell, the most valuable assets are the people who work for you.

But still, When it comes to hiring, many businesses make mistakes. 

They may hire exclusively for the position rather than the business as a whole, or they may hire ahead of time before specific roles have been defined. They can make a hasty decision and end up housing a rotten apple.

Businesses of all sizes need to adopt a successful hiring plan. Remember that the people you hire are a representation of your business. 

If you want to be competitive, avoid these seven common hiring errors:

1. Being too narrow in your search – Don’t look for someone who is just like you or the rest of your team; instead, bring in someone who can push you; an outside viewpoint will help the business to move forward.

2. Hiring simply because you can.

3. Not clearly defining the roles and responsibilities for which you’re hiring.

4. Not attracting the right candidate.

5. Forgetting to highlight the culture.

6. Hiring based on your own biases.

7. Failing to engage with candidates.

Making mistakes is simple, but if you put forth a little effort, you can easily avoid them. 

You can streamline the entire process and make it run smoothly with the help of my expertise.

My team and I would love to help you strategically plan to win and hire the right team members so you can pursue your passions. If you’re ready to build the team of your dreams, connect with me today.

Here’s to hiring and scalable growth,

Kimone 💜

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