A six-month experience for equity-driven business owners ready to reclaim their time and exponentially scale their business in the process.


There’s no secret about the fact that running a business involves a lot of moving parts.

  • Marketing to ensure your business is getting out to more people.
  • Sales to ensure your business is generating an income.
  • Systems to ensure your business is running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Operations to ensure your business is streamlined for maximum

All of which come with their own mile-long to-do list.

And, all of which are currently being juggled by…. YOU.

You’re updating your website when you don’t even know what SEO is.

You’re building a funnel when you should be focusing on closing the sale.

You’re trying to stay consistent on social media but it’s changing faster than you can keep up with.

You’re answering emails at 6 pm when you should really be relaxing with your kids.

Let me ask you, does CEO stand for Chief Everything Organizer?

With all of this happening behind the scenes, it's no wonder you find yourself thinking that it was "easier" when I worked a 9-5 job.

And, before you know it, you start to envision yourself burning the business to the ground #waitingtoexhalestyle, going back to your job where everything wasn’t reliant only on you and pretend you’d just be happier as an average person.

Except, you’re not average.

You started your business because you knew you had a higher calling, you wanted to see your dreams become a reality and to finally escape feeling like an employee.

I know you because I used to be you.

While things may look great to those on the outside…

You’re working too many hours every day trying to do everything in your business and still can’t seem to keep up.

You feel stressed and anxious all the time because you can’t ever switch “off”.

Your income has plateaued (or even, dipped) because you simply don’t have the time to do more.

Your business feels like a constant grind rather than your purpose.

You’re unable to take time off or vacation because you don’t have the support you need.

You feel like you’re the only one who needs to do everything in your business to make $$$$.

You spiritually feel unbalanced and are losing faith in yourself and your business.

You’re neglecting your friends, family, your hobbies, and the things outside of your business that brings you joy.

You’re saying NO to opportunities, vacations, and revenue-generating activities because you have too much on your plate.

Running a business that gives you the time to enjoy the life you desire is not a luxury.

It is your Divine Right because without self-care you can’t show up for your clients, yourself, and your family in the best way possible.

Again, I know you, because I used to be you.

Much like you, I started my business with big goals and more excitement than my toddler when she sees ice cream.

While I KNEW I had the skills and the tools, I kept finding myself getting caught in, what I now realize is an all too familiar place for business owners… trying to be everything to everyone.

At the time, I was doing every single thing in my business because I thought I needed to hustle and grind 24/7 to achieve success. Everything was on my shoulders and, no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t seem to get my head above water.

“Is this what it is always going to feel like?”
“Maybe I should just give up now?”
“Will I ever have the life I dream of?”

But, just like you… I knew there was something more for me so I moved forward in purchasing a few courses, attending some free trainings, joining a coaching program, and investing in 1:1 coaching.

The problem? All of the strategies they taught me were trying to get me to grow using the same actions that had me burnt out.

I was DONE.

It was time to take my 10 years of experience and create the solution I needed.

And that’s when the R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Method™ was born.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to work 24/7 to achieve scalable growth and you could use your energy to finally take that long-awaited vacation, spend time with your family and finally break through your income ceiling?

What would that do for your business? Your family? Your LIFE?

If I have your attention, keep reading.


The reality of being a woman in business

As women, we often feel like we have to do everything. If we want to compete with men in business, we think we need to deliver 2x over. So, we grind to do all the work. We answer all the emails, plan and implement projects ourselves, do the promotions, the accounting… we try to do it all.

And we end up exhausted, overwhelmed, demoralized, with a business that’s hit its ceiling. That was me. Stuck, overworked, stressed. Knowing I could grow but not knowing how. But it’s not me anymore. And it doesn’t have to be you. You deserve to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. You deserve to say YES to everything you want. And you deserve to have a business that keeps growing. But can you have it all?

Yes, you can. You can have a 6 or 7 figure business while reclaiming your time. You Just Need the Right Strategy.

The Accelerator is for you if:


You’re ready to work less but make more.

You understand that working longer and harder is simply not the way. You’re ready to stop grinding 24/7 and break through your income ceiling.


You’re ready to attract and hire your dream team.

You understand being a team of one is getting you nowhere. You’re ready to learn the strategies to make your next right hire and retain them in the process. Sounds like a major ROI!


You’re ready to automate your systems.

And we don’t mean just an Asana template. We mean scalable systems to help your business flow and scale with ease.


You’re ready to lead, not just manage a team.

Imagine feeling in control of your business and where it’s going. Yes, you’ll have the tools and strategy to get there.


A 6-month experience for equity-driven women business owners who want to reclaim their time while skyrocketing their revenue.

This six-month group coaching program is designed to take you from
being the Chief Everything Officer to being the leader you’ve always
dreamed of. This program includes 1-on-1 support, training videos,
personalized feedback, templates, examples, community support and so
much more. No more band-aid solutions! No more freelancing to make
money online! It’s time to learn the strategy and tools to run a successful
scalable business. Our signature framework is all you need to finally
have a business that supports you and runs with ease.



By stepping into the leadership role and growing and nurturing the right team of amazing people, you really can have the business you’ve always

dreamed of. And the R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator is here to help.

What do I get?

  • Transformational Pre-Work ($2000)
    Get ready to position your business for 7 figures! We will help
    you dial into your business and what you need to scale and get
    to your next level.
  • Access to the 6-Month R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E.™ Framework & Curriculum ($4000)
    Get access to our curriculum and training videos to support
    your learning on the go or at your own pace
  • Bi-Monthly Q&A Calls ($3000)
    Every business is unique and our Q&A calls take that into
    account by giving you direct access to Kimone to get your
    questions answered!
  • Co-Working & Office Hours ($3000)
    There will be extensive opportunities to work, help you solve
    specific problems that are holding you back, or to just catch up!
    Support is our top core value.
  • Private Community ($2000)
    Be surrounded by a community of other businesswomen on the
    path to scale their business while reclaiming their time.
  • Actionable Strategies ($3000)
    This isn’t a group program where you’ll feel lost or
    unsupported. We are given you the strategies to scale your
    business past your income ceiling without sacrificing your time Priceless.
  • Swipeable Template, Boards, and Checklists ($2000)
    You won't have a need for another template. We are giving our
    hiring processes, checklists, manuals, documents.. everything
    you need.


  • Monthly Critiques and Audits of Your Work ($3000 value)
    No question will go unanswered and you’ll be receiving real
    feedback about your work and how to get things right. You can
    submit anything for review! Your offers, your strategic plans, or
    anything else you want our opinion about. We are here to support
  • Guest Expert Calls ($2000 value)
    Guest experts will be coming in to give you inside knowledge of
    what's working now. This could include anything from systems,
    team growth, legal, mindset, and more.
  • In Person Retreat ($3000 value) - Only 4 seats
    All members of the Accelerator will get exclusive access to a live, three day retreat filled with connection, learning and fun! You know you deserve this!

VALUE: $27,000

This isn’t your typical group program, where you’re given quick fixes
without the support or strategic guidance for sustainable growth you need.

We’ve built-in support and touchpoints at every point in this program, and we are dedicated to helping you get the results you need! You will know what you need to do and how to do it with the support you need along the way.

We aren’t offering you a band-aid solution.

We’re offering you a proven framework, helping you to free yourself
from choosing between your family and your business, while achieving
scalable growth and creating your paradise of abundance.

Now, you have a decision to make…
Which door do you choose?


You can try to implement what it’s going to take to reclaim your time and scale your business on your own.

The problem is you’re already overwhelmed, burnt out and you don’t know what you don’t know so this could take years to do (if, at all).


You can join us in the R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator™ and get your business on a trajectory toward $50K months (even if you've only done one $5k month up until now).


Apply Now

This Program is By Application Only.

If you can mark at least 4 of the 5 boxes, the Accelerator is right for you!

1. You’re a service-based business owner, coach or solopreneur ready to scale.

2. You’re ready to put in the work to get your business back on the path to your vision.

3. You’re making at least $5-10k per month consistently in your business.

4. You’ve hired before but it didn’t go well.

5. You have a team, but you aren’t utilizing them the way you should.

If that’s you…

My team and I can’t wait to see if you are a good fit for the
R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator™. Please fill out the short application
form below so we can see if you are a good fit for the program.

Click below to submit your application!

 We look forward to getting to know you.

You’ll Walk Away With…

  • A transformed mindset so that you KNOW you deserve the business you dream of without sacrificing your time ($2500)
  • Aligned offers that support your business vision ($2500 value)
  • Your Strategic Plan so you know what you need to work on for the next year ($5000 value)
  • An Optimized Org Chart that encompasses the team taking you to 7 figures ($5000 value)
  • Your R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator™ Hiring Solution ($3000 value)
  • Your R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator™ Onboarding Solution ($4000 value)
  • Your R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator™ Systems Suite ($3000 value)
  • All the tools, templates, checklists that you could ever dream of ($2000 value)

VALUE: $27,000

🚫Your Life BEFORE the R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator™

  • Burdened, tired, and overwhelmed being a team of one or having the wrong people on their team.
  • Leaving the workday feeling drained to the point it’s affecting
    your wellbeing and health.
  • Sacrificing your freedom and sanity for your business.
  • Balancing marriage, children and self-care along with #ALLTHETHINGS in their business.
  • Feeling like you’re drifting away from your dreams and purpose.
  • Unable to take time off or a vacation because you have no support.

👍🏼Your Life AFTER the R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator™

  • A streamlined and stress-free business because you implemented the R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Framework™.
  • Making more money without working more hours.
  • You have your dream team to support you and your business vision.
  • You have the systems in place to automate your business without adding additional work to your plate.
  • You wake up feeling refreshed and grateful for your business and your life.
  • You end your work day feeling accomplished and able to relax.
  • You’re spending more time with family but have time for yourself.


Who is Kimone Napier?

Hiring Strategist & Operations Expert

Kimone is the CEO of Kimone Napier Consulting, helping women business owners attract, hire and retain their dream teams to reclaim their time, scale their businesses and live their best lives.

Kimone has over 8 years of experience in HR, operations and engineering. She is a speaker, consultant, and strategist whose work has been groundbreaking in building strong teams and helping business owners reclaim their time.

Best known for transforming the lives of her clients through hiring, team and operations services, Kimone equips her client with the strategy and solutions to help serve them not only in their businesses, but in their lives. From mindset, systems, operations to hiring, Kimone can help you redefine your plan to win while reclaiming your time.

Kimone has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University at Albany, a Master of Science degree from New York University, a Certification in Human Resource information Systems and a Certification in Human Capital Engineering and Analytics from New York University.


Is this program really for me?

You’ve already done the hard work creating a successful business. Now you need to do the innovative work to keep growing your business, smash through that income plateau, and have time for yourself and your loved ones. Suppose this sounds like you, yes, the R.E.B.A.L.A.N.C.E Accelerator is for you. Don’t miss out!

But Kimone, I’ve already invested so much into my business and I'm nervous to invest more?

To be honest with you, I would be concerned if you weren’t the slightest bit nervous. Hitting your goals should push you out of your comfort zone.

Your decision depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Is your goal to continue freelancing and side hustling your business, feeling burnt out, or are you interested in achieving scalable growth in your business with aligned offers, your dream team, the right systems while having more time than ever.

The choice is yours.

Scaling your business requires moving from fear to fearless.

What phase of business should I be in?

You should be generating consistent revenue with a proven sales system. Making money isn’t your primary issue, it’s creating scalable revenue without sacrificing your time.

Will I really get the help I need from a group coaching program?

Absolutely! This program includes both 1-on-1 and group support to help you implement the strategies into your business. You’ll receive personalized feedback with additional layers of support.

When does the accelerator start?

The accelerator starts on January 5th.

What will I do in the meantime before the program starts?

I'm glad you asked this question. I'm all about you getting results in the simplest way. You will get immediate access to The Right Hire Formula to equip you with the tools and the knowledge that will help you break through imposter syndrome, develop your hiring plan to win, and finally make the right hire for your business both now and in the future.

You know you don’t have any time to waste. The door is open for you to get the help you need in order to change your life and scale your business. This is the only round of the Accelerator we plan to offer in 2021.

Seats are limited!

What if I have additional questions?

Fill out the application and let's talk about it! In my book, it's always better to be upfront with questions and get answers that help me to decide the best direction vs wondering "what if."

What is the refund policy?

Because this program is designed specifically for business owners who are committed, supportive, invested, and ready to see results, no refunds will be offered.

Door #2 is open and waiting for you to enter and transform your

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