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Scale your business in as early as 4 weeks.

Kimone is the one and the only strategist you will ever need.

She is committed to helping women entrepreneurs like you increase their impact, income, and influence.

Let’s face it!

Scaling your business involves so many moving pieces that we never learned.

It’s difficult to determine the right offer to take our businesses to millions.

Because of too much market noise out there, you need to focus on your offer.

Determining our business foundation and framework is hard. 

Especially for new businesses or entrepreneurs like you who wear a lot of hats.

Learning all the moving parts that are needed is a never ending to-do list

Figuring our all the things can often eat up your time and can cost you revenues since its removing you from focusing on your scaling your way to millions.

Now my questions for you are:

Are you having creating your scalable group offfer?

Do you feel overwhelmed with working 1:1 and have finally admitted to yourself that you are in dire the right offer to help your maximize your time and make more $$$$?

Are you stuck because of your unstreamlined workflow?

You are NOT alone.

According to the SBA, 

20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 50% go belly up after five years, and only 33% make it to 10 years or longer,

The real issue here is you simply haven’t discovered the right offer to support you and your goals.

The momentum of scaling your business starts with a single, right offer.



What would not taking action now cost you?






All of these will go down the drain if you continue to put this major task off your to-do list and doing things on your own.

With all of that being said, I want to tell you the three things that will cost you if you won’t take action now: TIME, RESOURCES, and EFFORT. All of these will go down to the drain if you continue to do things on your own like reading articles written by unqualified people and putting these pieces together, leaving you frustrated and exhausted as you try to figure out how to attract and build your team.

I’ve got the solution for you!


Our Package Includes:


 We’ll conduct an internal review of the business, creation of a comprehensive strategic plan based on business goal

Weekly 1:1 Meetings

We’ll meet weekly for the next 4 weeks to review your strategic plan and work on the next steps.

Unlimited voxer access

Get access to me to help you through everything during our 4 weeks together.

Posting & Screening
We will post and screen all applicants to narrow the list to the most qualified candidates.
We will engage and communicate with all candidates throughout the hiring process.
We will conduct initial interviews and assist with final interviews of the top candidates.
30 Days of Voxer Support
Both parties can send me any questions or concerns they have. We will respond within 24 hours!

Your Investment




Step 1

We will discuss your current business standing and current needs. We will also discuss your goals and mission and build a framework out of it.

Step 2

We’ll establish a consistent income-generating program that is scalable and determine the systems you need to support 

Step 3

This is the crucial part since this will be the implementation of the devised strategy to establish your brand visibility and market your program. 

Step 4

Lastly, we will narrow map out the assets you need to run your new program with efficiency.We’ll discuss how you will be marketing your new offer.

Step 1

We will access where you are in your business and your current needs. We discuss your goals, visions, and what success looks like in the role, then we will build it out.

Step 2

Once we discuss your needs, we will create detailed plan to source and track all candidates. We will customize the job description and application to attract quality candidates.

Step 3

We will implement a strategy to attract the right candidates. The job description will be posted and applicants will be screened. we will engage with you and all candidates throughout the process.

Step 4

This is the best part! We will narrow down the candidates top the top 3 and will partner with you to conduct final interviews. At this point, you will choose your top choice and we will send out an offer.

Are you ready to turn your vision into a reality?

Why You  Should Work With Me?

“I did not become an entrepreneur just so I can make a living, I became an entrepreneur because I want to provide real solutions.”

Kimone Napier is the “it” girl for this job. She was a former HR Strategist for government agencies and had worked in one of the Fortune 500 companies. Kimone is also a Human Capital Engineer. She had a Master’s in Organizational Behavior. She is Certified in Human Resource Information Systems and Human Capital Engineering and Analytics. She is certified Director of Operations as well. She is a positive force to reckon with and is dedicated and passionate about empowering and helping female entrepreneurs have the best times of their lives despite the many roles they play.

After working for several years in a corporate 9-5 job, she rediscovered herself and decided there on to pursue her passion in helping women entrepreneurs scale their businesses through hiring their dream team. She wants to help women shift from being a doer into a delegator through her unique hiring strategy known as the RIGHT HIRE FORMULA–the secret ingredient to successfully scale your business.

Since becoming a mom, Kimone has been a frequent voice on different platforms who aims to guide women entrepreneurs on how they can free up their plates and escape the overwhelming feeling of having to do everything. She wants to empower them and let them know that they need not choose between their personal lives and their business. She has been fortunate to help hundreds of women on employee onboarding, get clarity and build a strong business foundation, find more time to invest in things that matter to them and reclaim their time, strike a work-life balance, and thrive in both their business and personal lives. She aims to help women entrepreneurs have the best of both worlds. She is on a mission to help thousands more scale their business and meet their goals without having to tip off the balance between relationship and work.

Kimone is a purpose-driven, fun-loving, and dedicated wife. Give her a cup of coffee, a good book, and great music and she’s set for life!

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