How To Uplevel and Sign High Level Clients!

How To Uplevel and Sign High Level Clients!

You are currently on a journey to grow your business. You have dedicated so much time, effort and money to get to where you are today. Currently, you have clients but are booked to capacity yet want to earn more. There is only so much time in one day plus you have to juggle everything – your clients, your family, friends, and your own self care.
So…how do you grow and scale your business? The answer is you need to uplevel your current offers and streamline your services. This is key to succeeding in attracting higher level clients.

As a service provider you are constantly invested in the businesses of your clients. You are their go person for #allthethings and doing a variety of task in their businesses. Most likely you started your business as a Virtual Assistant (VA) in the online space but are now seeking to be more impactful.

Just know, eventually this approach doesn’t work anymore.

There comes a point where you want more time in your day to day rather than being the jack of all trades for everyone. You’re managing all your clients projects and cannot find the time to scale your business.

Is this you?

You want to work less hours but make more money.
You want to niche your skills down to your passion.
You are ready to uplevel your offers and build your business in a sustainable way.
Your are ready to be recognized as a leader, not a doer.

Here are 4 ways to uplevel your skills and attract higher level clients.

1. Know your ideal client.

Make a list of 10 ideal clients you would love to work with. Write down the reasons why you want to work with them. All the similarities you see is your ideal client avatar. I want you to look at that list and determine the top 3 people you want to work with. Now, determine where is this client most present? This may be at in-person events, Facebook groups etc. Focus on developing a relationship with those 3 people. You want to be seen as a resource to them when they are in need. The key is to make you and your services attractable.

2. Niche down your offers.

Determine what are 1-3 services you want to offer your ideal clients. If you have experience and results in a specific area, don’t be afraid to show them off! To attract the high level client you want, you need to understand your deliverables.
What is your unique value proposition?
You need to get clear on what your ideal client is looking for and market to them directly. Make sure your purpose and intention is clear and causes no confusion.

3. Streamline your onboarding process.

Once a potential client books a call, your next steps are crucial to converting them to a client. Ask ourself, how long does my current onboarding process take? I would recommend timing yourself, if possible. A great onboarding process follows up with clients promptly, shows your values, and is visually appealing. This is one of the first impressions they have of you so make sure its quick and efficient.
My recommendation is to invest in a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)  to map out this process for you. I personally recommend using Dubsado. Why? It’s affordable, efficient, visually appealing and easy to use. You have the option to customize your contracts, agreements and more. Plus, all your clients get their on portals to give clients access to everything – contracts, invoices, tasks, projects and more.
This is an inside look of my client portal.

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4. Uplevel Your Skills

High level clients are looking for experts with unique and special skillsets. A 6-figure entrepreneur already has a team and usually hires individuals who specialize in a specific skills at that level. Sooo…what can you learn? There are so many skills and programs to learn new things from.
In my entrepreneurial journey, I decided to get certified as a Director of Operations. Why? I previously worked in Fortune 500 companies in Operations and Human Resources. Then, I transitioned to being project manager for online entrepreneurs. Once I was maxed, I felt the need to specialize and niche down my service offerings.
A certification allows you to position yourself in a unique way. A Certified Director of Operations can help business owners strategically audit their current systems, workflows and processes for optimal business efficiency. Learn more about the certification here!

One more thing….

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