How to Successfully Scale Your Business

Hiring is extremely needed in your business for longevity and growth, but it’s not the only thing you need.

Let’s discuss other key areas to focus on in order to achieve that intentional, scalable growth.

1. Mindset – Being an entrepreneur and business owner is hard. What’s even harder is finding yourself in a catch-22 doing everything for your family, your clients, your business overall and never having the time to just pause. Right now, if you’re in the mindset that you have to be everything to everyone and constantly do all the things in your business on a daily, that is not going to help you scale your business.

This is a mindset issue. You feel like you’ve been working alone for so long and still made money, but you’re not scaling your business the way you need to. Hiring is not the first step towards change here. Change your mindset because the truth is: you don’t have to do it all alone.

I’m not here to give you bandaid solutions. I’m here to give you real, proven systems that are going to help you to get to where you need to be. When you’re thinking about that life of abundance you want or the reason you got into the business, know that it’s going to take a major shift in your mindset.

Change your mindset, because the truth is: you don’t have to do it all alone.¬†

2. Strategy. What is it that you want in your business? The reason I’m asking you this question is because a lot of the time, the things that we’re doing in our business are simply not what we want to do. If you’re doing offers or working with clients in a way that no longer supports your business vision, then it’s only going to make wear you out and make you resentful of your own business. I promise you, 9 times out of 10, this is when entrepreneurs get the feeling of “Oh my gosh, I want to just give up and go back to my 9 to 5 job” and then stop focusing on scaling their business all because they’re doing the wrong things.

If you got into business for a specific purpose, then you need to get strategic about it and do things that actually propel you forward. Stop doing the things that you don’t even need to be doing. Stop having broken offers that are not even in your field of expertise. Start to get really strategic about what you need to do.

3. Team. You have to stop functioning as a team of one. There’s no way you can scale your business being the only person in it. You might be the only employee in your business and have some contractors and that’s okay, but you need support in order to have longevity and growth. You can’t be the one here answering emails, doing the one-on-one work, responding to people on Facebook, and the long list that falls under entrepreneurship.

Also, if you’re someone who does have a team but you’re underutilizing it, this is a wake-up call for you. Your team is there to support you. If you have a great copywriter but you’re sitting over here writing emails at 2 AM, that needs to change. This goes back to that “I should do everything” mindset that needs to be changed.

Also, if you’re someone who does have a team but you’re underutilizing it, this is a wake-up call for you. Your team is there to support you.

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4. Onboarding. How are you even going to bring these people on board your team? How are you going to set their expectations? If your new team is not feeling welcome or they don’t assimilate seamlessly into your culture from the jump, chances are they’re not going to stay. This is something that you need to consider.

5. Systems. What systems do you need in your business that are going to support you and your team members? More often than not, you have a bunch of things going on, and doing everything manually is not going to help propel your business.

When I’m talking about systems, I’m not talking about just templates. I’m talking about things connecting the dots in your business that will help things run like a well-oiled machine. Everything from clients, sales system, financials- everything needs to be connected otherwise, you’re not going to scale your business. Something is going to fall between the cracks. You’re going to realize, “Oh my gosh, I completely messed up. I lost a really great sale” all because your systems are not automated.

The same thing goes for your internal systems. That means things like delegating to your new members or shifting responsibilities from one team member to the next. So when I say “systems”, I don’t just mean project management systems. There are so many other types of systems and you need to know the right ones fit for your business. Systemize your business now because as you grow, it’s going to get more complex.

These are the five things I wanted to focus on today. In entrepreneurship, we, especially women, feel like we need to be doing anything and everything in our business when we really don’t have to. Here are the key ways to shift yourself and be more balanced so you can propel your business forward.

Again: Mindset, Strategy, Team, Onboarding, and Systems. These are key areas that you need to focus on. Hiring is not the end-all solution, it’s only a piece of the puzzle.

If this has been relatable to you, feel free to get into my DMs or send me an email because I would really love to help you reassess your business and scale it without sacrificing your time.

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