How To Decide Who You Need To Hire?

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How To Decide Who You Need To Hire?

As you grow your business, you begin to realize that you cannot do #ALLTHETHINGS but don’t know where to start. As the business owner, you are wearing a million different hats and need to begin taking some of the burdens off of your plate. The thought of this is making you feel overwhelmed and even a little scared. Where should you start? 

There are a dozen jobs you could easily hire for but chances are you can’t hire them all at the same time. Hiring with Intention is key to make sure you’re bringing on the right team members. 



Here are 3 steps to decide who you need to hire


1.Time Track Your Day To Day Tasks. 

Chances are a variety of tasks that are taking you away from being the visible leader you crave. What are these tasks? I want you to time track your daily activity for 1-2 weeks to measure where you spend the most time. I want you to compare this list to the things you love to do versus the things you hate. Everything that you hate to do should be delegated. The tasks that reoccur the most is most likely the person you need to hire right now. Trust me, this method works. 


2. Decide Where You Need Help To Uplevel.

Chances are you are already thinking about up-leveling your business to the next level. Who and what skills are needed to help take you to the next level? This could be so many things. Email Automations, Copywriting, Funnels, Operations, and much more. I want you to think about your business vision and your quarterly goals. This will help you identify the most important skill needed to help you crush your goals. I want you to analyze your goals and break them down to see what skills are missing in order to get this done. This is totally worth all your efforts. 


3.When In Doubt, Hire An Expert!

If you’re ready to grow your team but feel overwhelmed, outsource this. Yes, there are people out there, like me, who love to do the things you hate. As a business owner and a visionary, often we are too close to the business to hire the right way. If you struggle with hiring and are ready to stop wasting your time, learn more about my hiring services. Get ready to attract the right candidates. 


Chances are you want a customized solution to find your unicorn team member and to turn your desires into your reality. 


Let’s Get Started! Click here to learn more about my hiring services.


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