Hiring for an Online Business and The RED Flags to Avoid

Hiring for an Online Business and The RED Flags to Avoid

Hiring for an Online Business and The RED Flags to Avoid

Hiring for an online business can become overwhelming very quickly. When you post a job you’ll be sorting through a large set of applications. Take a breath.

I promise there is an easy way to find that unicorn team member in the process.

Here are some easy ways to easily determine if a candidate may be problematic or the wrong fit for your online business. Just know it’s okay to be specific about your expectations. In fact, I encourage it! The more you know about what you want, the easier it will be to attract the right candidates. 

When I hire for clients, I create a customized job description and job application to sift through applications easily. This allows me to pinpoint any immediate RED flags to disqualify any candidates. You’d be surprised at the types of response I see. I’ve made a list of the top RED flags to keep in mind when reviewing applications.


Here Are Some RED Flags When Reviewing Applicants 


Applicant RED Flags

• Didn’t research you or your company.

Doesn’t follow the hiring protocol (i.e. contacting you via email instead of filling out the job application.

• Cannot write a complete sentence.

Asks too many questions (i.e. this is a problem if you need to hire someone to execute and you’re already overwhelmed. Hiring this type of person will stress you out).

Wants to build a business like yours (i.e. this is okay if you’re hiring for a short term project but may become problematic if you desire someone to stay for the long-run).

• Unable to provide references

• Responses were copied and pasted (i.e. Good Application responses must be tailored to the job you’re applying for).

Responses seemed rude (i.e. Rude written communication is an indication of rude working communication – avoid at all costs!)

Gives you incorrect links (i.e. We all make mistakes but if every link shared is incorrect, this is an indication of a lack of attention to detail).

          • Doesn’t provide their full name in the application

This is only a shortlist of RED flags but a great indicator of whether an applicant will be the right fit for your business. You may be wondering:

What are automatic GREEN lights to move an applicant to the next stage of the hiring process?


Applicant GREEN Light:

Shares your business core values.

Follows application instructions.

• Responses show an understanding of your business.

Follows up via email after moving to the next round in the hiring process.

• Career goals align with the vision of your business.

Responses show a strong sense of detail (i.e. complete sentences, fully written business links etc.)

          • Business goals are not a conflict of interest with your goals.

If you’re ready to build your dream team and want some support and guidance in the hiring process, I would love to chat with you. Schedule a call here! 

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