How to Successfully Scale Your Business

Hiring is extremely needed in your business for longevity and growth, but it’s not the only thing you need. Let’s discuss other key areas to focus on in order to achieve that intentional, scalable growth. 1. Mindset – Being an entrepreneur and business owner is hard. What’s even harder is finding yourself in a catch-22

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How Do Systems Help Your Business?

It’s exciting to start, develop, and grow your business. However, problems sometimes spiral out of control. Things get messy, and what was once exciting and enjoyable can turn into a dreary job. What is the reason for this? Because of a lack of business systems. Many entrepreneurs find themselves working more hours than they did

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Setting Clear Expectations for New Hires

Did you know that a lack of clear expectations not only undermines team success and outcomes, but also harms commitment, partnerships, and teamwork? It is a terrible experience for new hires when they don’t know what you expect from them. They will not understand the goals of the business they are working with. They will

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Seven Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Kimone Napier Consulting

Why do some entrepreneurs still think that hiring is an easy thing to do? Well, I guess It’s because you can copy-paste JOB Descriptions. You just posted because you need it.  That’s super WRONG!!! When it comes to HIRING It’s all about who you hire when it comes to creating a successful business. A business is similar

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How to Craft my Business Strategy?

How to Craft my Business Strategy

How to Craft my Business Strategy? As a business owner, you know that crafting your strategy is essential to growing and scaling your business. We often talk so much about setting our goals and getting organized but have you taken the time to craft your business strategy. A business without a strategy is stagnant. Without

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