5 Ways To Create A Stellar Client Experience

5 Ways To Create A Stellar Client Experience

5 Ways To Create A Stellar Client Experience

When you’re growing and scaling your business, streamlining your client experience is a key part of the process. A client’s experience is an easy way for them to keep coming back to your products and services. The first impression is usually what you are remembered for. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have.

A personable and organized client experience should be a key priority for any business owner.

Remember Every review counts! No matter what the size of the business is or who the client is, the experience matters.

The best place to start is by crafting your client onboarding process.


Here are 5 ways to create a stellar client experience.

#1 Craft The Customer Journey

I want you to start by thinking about how your prospective clients are hearing about your products
and/or services. Is this from word of mouth? Social media? Website? Once you know where
you’re generating traffic, you need to understand where you need to start communicating with
these clients. Think of this as a funnel to transition a prospect into a paying client.

#2 Map Out The Client Process

Once you onboard a client, what are the next steps? It is important to impress your clients
throughout the entire lifecycle. Envision how you would want to be treated as a client and map
out that process. Think of how you’re welcoming the client, any forms, any agreements, etc. All
the touchpoints in this process are important so make sure it is mapped out efficiently. Once you
have created this process, put a reminder in your calendar to revisit this process every 6

#3 Automate The Process

I’m a firm believer in automation for ease and better client experience. If you are hesitant to
automate your current process, think about the time it takes you to complete all the steps. I
recommend timing the length of your current process. Automating this can save you more than
half of that time. You will no longer have to spend time crafting the same emails over and over.
Consider getting a CRM system to organize your client data, workflows, and contracts. There are
so many to choose from including Dubsado, Honeybook, Zoho, and more. I personally use
Dubsado and love it for its ease of use. If your interested click here for 20% off your first month
or year.

#4 Send A Thank You Gift

This is a nice touch no matter what level of service you offer a client. If you’re offering high-end
packages, sending a thank you note goes a long way. If you have a large volume, consider a
gift box or automating the thank you notes. People remember small things and this is a nice

#5 Ask For Feedback

Obtaining feedback from your clients is important to improve your processes and services. In
the initial 30 days of a working relationship, I recommend asking your client about their overall
satisfaction. I also ask for a testimonial of services at the 3-month mark to determine how
effective your work and processes are. This can be hard and scary but it’s worthwhile.

Your clients are coming to you for customized solutions that meet their needs. When your
processes are streamlined and efficient, it adds a layer of value to you and your services. Often
this is a factor in long term working relationships. This helps the client feel confident about their
investment and their experience with you.

Whether you consider yourself a veteran in entrepreneurship or are just starting out, map out a
stellar client experience from DAY ONE.

Ready To Take Action?

A great place to start with is defining your business goals and objectives. Map out everything
including your mission, vision, values, and goals for the next year. This will help you understand
where your clients’ priorities are and the overall future of your business.

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