5 Tips To Hire The Right Way.

5 Tips To Hire The Right Way.

5 Tips To Hire The Right Way.

Hiring your first or next team member can be a daunting process. The thought of growing a team can be challenging for any business owner. Hiring is an ART and you need to be ready to delegate before even thinking of bringing on a new team member. 

Why? Often business owners run through a number of contractors and virtual assistants because they didn’t take the time to plan accordingly. This usually happens not only because of a lack of planning but a lack of process.

Is this the right time for you to hire someone?

Think to yourself – What do I need to have done, that I cannot do? Is it email management, funnels, project management etc. What are the tasks that seem extremely daunting and is taking you away from what you love to do? I find it helpful to track the time it takes you to do something. You’ll be surprised how many countless hours you can spend doing a simple task. These are some questions I want you to ask yourself. Could you have spent that time you used on something much more important? Remember, there is always someone who loves to do the things you hate. They can do it better and faster because it is their zone of genius. Why not hire someone to take care of things for you so you can focus on what brings you joy?

Attracting Quality Candidates

How many times have you seen business owner post in a group that they need to hire someone? This is DIY-ing the hiring process and most of the time you won’t attract the right candidates. Why? Finding the right person the first time can be a challenge if you do not implement a process and expectations. Without a process, you’re going to be bombarded with a number of resumes, emails and messages from those who may not have the skills you’re looking for. One simple fix is to create a job description. You need to make a list of what you are expecting this person to do, they’re skills, and values. Next, make sure you’re visible in a way to attract the right candidates. Think of the events you are attending, groups you belong to, masterminds, and keeping an online and in-person presence.

Create an Onboarding Process

Once you find the right person, how are you going to ensure they are successful in their role? In the job description and contract, make sure you’re setting the right expectations on what this person must accomplish. I suggest listing 30 and 60 day goals so this person knows what they need to work towards. Think of this as a guide to help them get vested within your business.

Also, make sure the person has all the tools and access to anything they need to do their job. You want the onboarding process to run smoothly so you can see the returns as soon as possible. Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) on what they need to know to guide them in a productive way. This is extremely important and will save you a ton of time.

Measuring Performance

Feedback and Communication are very important in a working relationship. You hire someone to help you grow your business but how are you measuring their performance? Think of how this person is adding value to your business. Since you’ve hired them, how do you feel? This is a simple question to access whether you feel a weight lifted from having this team member on your team. Assess the talent of the team member by looking at their agility, willingness to learn, and taking initiative.


I keep saying hiring is an ART because it truly is. Often, business owners go through 3-4 contractors before finding the right fit. That is over 90 hours of time wasted, trying to find the right candidate. As a business owner, you could’ve used that time in another capacity such as visibility, sales, product creation, family time and more.

Consider getting a Hiring Manager to find the right candidate for you. It’ll save you a ton of time, energy and money $$$. Why? The right process to hiring includes creating a hiring project plan, crafting a job description, creating an application, reviewing resumes, conducting initial interviews, following up with candidates, conducting final interviews and all the in between. Is this what you’re truly good at and passionate about? Do you have all the time to be truly invested in the process? I am a firm believer of working in your zone of genius.


If you’re ready to hire your next team member and don’t have the time, feel free to learn more about my services here.


It’s time to set your intention and take action!


Let’s get started! Book your Hiring Management Package today.



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