3 Best Ways to Hire Candidates With Intention

3 Best Ways to Hire Candidates With Intention

3 Best Ways To Hire Candidates With Intention

When you’re building your team, there are a series of questions you should be asking yourself and all candidates. In order to hire with intention, you need to ask yourself: 

• What is my company’s mission?

• What is my company’s vision?

• What are my core values?

Without having these, it is going to be very difficult to find candidates to hire for your business. An interview is a two-way street. Although you are assessing the candidates, they are doing the same. If a candidate cannot identify or understand your business, most likely this won’t be a long-term working relationship. 

These questions should also be included in your job description. 


Question  1: What is my company’s mission? 

Identifying the purpose of your business is important for the candidate to know. When your mission statement is crafted, it makes it easy for you to identify who is the right person for your business at this moment. 

Think to yourself, “Does this candidate align with my mission statement?”

You have every right to consider these questions throughout the hiring process. 

This will assist you in asking the right questions and making the right hiring decision. 

Often, visionary leaders hire the first candidate they find due to immediate needs. The hiring decisions you make need to be as purposeful as crafting your mission statement. 

Here is my company mission statement: 

The Lean Process Strategist helps service-minded visionary leaders scale their businesses by managing their operations, managing team members, and hiring so their businesses run like clockwork. We optimize businesses through strong people leadership and strategic input.

Question 2: What is my company’s vision? 

Candidates need to understand where your business is going and so do you! You need to craft short term and long term business goals for yourself. If a candidate cannot see themselves in the future of your business, they won’t have any intention of staying for the long-run.

As a visionary leader, you don’t have the time to continuously hire for the same role again and again. This is a draining process and leads to thousands of dollars wasted. We are not doing that here! 

Another aspect is the candidate’s vision for themselves must align with your company’s vision.

Each time someone applies for a job, they know what it is they want to get out of the experience. They start to visualize a future for themselves and ask themselves the following:

• What can I learn from this experience?

• How can this position benefit my career goals?

• Where do I see myself in the business 5 years from now?

I’ll be blunt – you must ask the right questions to see what this person envisions for themselves. This will tell you if their goals align with your business goals. This is a key element to hire with intention. 

Question 3: What are my core values? 

Knowing your core values is the key to understanding whether or not you can work with someone. If your values don’t align with the candidates, the working relationship will not work. Think about it.

As a business owner, you know who you want to work with and who you don’t want to work with. As you are preparing to scale your business, setting the platform for your company culture is extremely important. 

Your values tell your audience and customers who you are and what you’re about. If the person you hire doesn’t align with that, there is going to be conflict.

For me a big one is Honesty. In order for me to hire well for my clients, they need to be honest with me about their needs and expectations. Here is a list of my core values:

• Honesty

• Respect

• Leadership

• Integrity

• Trust

• Support


• Authenticity

Why does this matter? 

If you don’t answer these questions, you’re going to have difficulty attracting the right candidates. High turnover will be the result – costing you a lot of time and money

This is why I help my clients hire with intention the right way. Through my process, I help my clients assess their business and their needs. I help you hire with EASE. 

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